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Hearing Aids AND Sound Therapy

Hearing Aids & Sound Therapy Appointments

Your One-Stop-Clinic for Hearing Solutions in London and Kent

It’s not just a hearing aid; it’s your quality of life. We are committed to state-of-the-art sound therapy and hearing aid solutions in the London and Kent Area.

Looking for a trustworthy hearing clinic in London or Kent, UK?

Whether it’s the age related or a sudden onset hearing loss, the impact of hearing loss in every aspect of life is real. We are Tragus – The Ear Specialist in London and Kent. 

We are dedicated to reinventing the wheel of private hearing care in the UK with hearing solutions that are validated and verified to match your hearing needs without spending a fortune. 

No More Mumbling in the Surroundings;
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Tinnitus, hyperacusis, misophonia, or hearing loss require a high-level skill and experience to provide adequate treatment. Hearing devices not only amplify the sounds but also help in sound therapy for the conditions mentioned above. However, incorrect usage can lead to more harm than good and worsen your state. 

We are experienced NHS audiologists with knowledge, experience, and training running several hearing clinics in the UK dedicated to bringing your life back on track as fast as possible. 

Real ear Measuremets

As per the current British Society of Audiology’s recommended guidelines, REAL EAR MEASUREMENTS (REMs) are the only tests that enable us to understand the device’s functionality, whether the device is faulty, and/or if the device is distorted.

The click-fit method of hearing aid fitting that is used by most private hearing setups is not compliant with this, defeating the main purpose of wearing the hearing devices. Fitting a faulty device is dangerous and can lead to the worsening of hearing problems.

In addition to this, every individual’s ear canal volume varies. The REMs test calculates the individual’s ear canal volume and helps achieve the highest level of accuracy in terms of hearing aid amplification.

On average, an individual with hearing difficulties would wear these devices for 10–15 hours daily. Hence, it is of grave importance that hearing devices undergo various assessments before they are worn for such long durations.

We are a private ear clinic in London and Kent that ditches the subpar private healthcare in the UK and uses the best-in-class care for our patients. We use Real Ear Measurements in Tragus – The Ear Specialists to understand your device’s functionality as well as consider the growth of loudness on the hearing for soft, medium, and loud sounds.


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Getting comfortable with hearing devices is not as easy as it seems. Real Ear Measurements (REMs) has an important role in maximising your device’s features. No matter how premium your device is, if REM is not considered, your devices will end up lying in the drawer. Tragus – The Ear Specialists is the only one in private sector around London and Kent that takes REMs even on every Review appointments. 

We offer the hearing device in London and Kent that best compliments your needs. We ensure to provide you with an optimal level of amplification. Speak to one of our audiologists for more details on brands and your condition. 

We offer the hearing device in London and Kent that best compliments your needs. We ensure to provide you with an optimal level of amplification. Speak to one of our audiologists for more details on brands and your condition.

All patients fitted with our hearing aids will undergo Real Ear Measurements that help us accurately adjust the hearing aid to your ear. We will also provide you with a certificate of REM match that your hearing aids have been scientifically matched to your hearing loss.

Hearing devices come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your condition and preference, we will offer you a range of products to choose from. If it fits your case, you can also opt for an invisible hearing aid in London and Kent. 

We offer a 5-year guarantee on all our hearing devices. You will be offered a lifetime’s worth of annual hearing checks and hearing aid aftercare appointments that consist of fine-tuning or adjusting your hearing devices should there be a change to your hearing prescription.

A hearing device suitable to meet both these needs would be recommended to you so that you would not require two different kinds of devices.

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From hearing assessment to aftercare services, we do it all!

What do we do?

We offer a full range of solutions from consultation, providing the best hearing assessment to the world's best hearing aids.

Earwax Removal Clinics

Earwax build-up can lead to multiple hearing issues and pain. Removing your earwax at home can be unsafe and can aggravate your problems. At Tragus – The Ear Specialists in London, we are dedicated to safe and effective ear wax removal in London. Our qualified experts are devoted to your well-being and make sure you leave our space sound and happy. Same-day ear cleaning in London is available.

Tinnitus Therapy Clinics

Having a ringing feeling in your ears?
We are the top tinnitus specialists in the UK, offering cutting-edge solutions for tinnitus treatment. Our fully qualified tinnitus therapists will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is right for you. We use devices to help reduce the pitch and loudness of your tinnitus, helping you get back to normal life in the long run. Moreover, through tinnitus retraining therapy UK, we target the emotional aspects of tinnitus, helping sufferers manage their condition. Your search for the best tinnitus clinic in London and Kent is over.

Hyperacusis Therapy Clinics

Is the volume in your surroundings turned up too high?
We are a hyperacusis therapy clinic offering a comprehensive range of solutions for hyperacusis assessment in London and Kent. From full assessment and treatment plans, including counselling, listening tests, hearing aids and hearing augmentation, to personalised treatment plans tailored to your needs, we do it all. We aim to help you lead a normal life without pain and discomfort with the most advanced hyperacusis therapy in London and Kent.