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Protect your hearing with our range of custom shooting earplugs, essential for anyone in a shooting club or professional roles like the armed forces and police. A single gunshot can cause permanent hearing loss, making it crucial to wear ear protection. Without earplugs, you risk tinnitus and significant hearing damage. We offer a variety of earplugs, independent of any brand, including bright-colored options for easy visibility and state-of-the-art noise filters and electronic modules that block gun noise while allowing conversation. Don’t compromise your hearing; invest in high-quality earplugs today.


Racing drivers and track workers need custom-made earplugs to protect their hearing from the deafening noise of racing cars, similar to a jet engine, as well as wind, helmets, and other vehicles. High-quality earplugs not only prevent tinnitus and hearing loss but also enhance focus and road safety. Our latest earplug technology ensures clear communication with the team while offering maximum ear protection. Spectators are also at risk of hearing damage from the loud engines and should consider using suitable earplugs to safeguard their hearing during races.

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Professional DJ’s are exposed to loud environments that can cause serious hearing problems, including permanent hearing loss or tinnitus. Our specialist earplugs are designed to filter out harmful noise while allowing DJ’s to clearly hear conversations and the music they are playing. Similarly, musicians, especially those who play instruments like drums, need ear protection to prevent hearing damage while still being able to hear each beat. Concert-goers should also invest in high-quality earplugs to protect their hearing without compromising their enjoyment of the music. Our earplugs are designed to provide clear sound without muffling, ensuring you can fully appreciate every note while safeguarding your hearing.

Harness the Perfect Harmony of Safety and Sound Quality with Our Musicians Filtered Custom Earmoulds

In the world of music, impeccable hearing isn’t merely a communication tool; it’s the essence of a melodious life. Every note, every tune, and every chord resounds with a deeper meaning. But the continuous exposure to elevated sound levels can hinder a musician’s innate ability to fine-tune their performances. Step into a world where protection meets perfection with our innovative Musicians Filtered Custom Earmoulds.

Experience an auditory journey that retains the pristine quality of original sounds, only at a reduced volume, ensuring that your ears stay shielded without compromising on the clarity and authenticity of the music. Crafted meticulously with flat-response attenuators, these earmoulds offer a clear and natural sound reproduction, unmarred by the distortions commonly found in standard earplugs.

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Why settle for the traditional earplugs that merely focus on low and mid-range frequencies, when you can embrace the full spectrum of sound with our earmoulds?

Unlike conventional ear protection methods, our earmoulds have been engineered to attenuate sound uniformly across all frequencies, providing a listening experience that’s as rich and vibrant as a live performance.

Delve into Comfort and Clarity with our Soft Silicone Design:

  • Available with interchangeable filters of 15, 25, or 30 decibels, our earmoulds adapt to your specific needs, providing the versatility to be utilized in various musical settings.

  • Constructed with soft silicone material, they nestle comfortably in your ears, promising hours of undisturbed musical immersion.

  • Say goodbye to frequency bias, as these earmoulds bring forth a true representation of sound, where every note is a testament to clear and unaffected audio delivery.

Protect your priceless hearing without sacrificing the depth and nuances of your music. It’s time to choose a solution that’s in harmony with your professional demands. Let your artistry flourish, as you secure your auditory health with our state-of-the-art Musicians Filtered Custom Earmoulds.

Invest in your musical journey with the assurance of unparalleled sound clarity and safety. Navigate to our product page and discover how you can redefine your musical experience today!

Experience Comfort and Safety with Our Custom-Made Swim Plugs

Whether you are a seasoned swimmer or just starting to explore the aquatic wonders, safeguarding your ears from water sensitivity is essential. Our specially designed swim plugs are your ultimate companion in ensuring a safe and comfortable water experience, offering supreme protection for individuals prone to ear infections or other ear-related issues.

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Why Choose Our Swim Plugs?

Ultimate Comfort and Flexibility

Crafted with soft silicone material, our swim plugs offer unparalleled comfort, allowing you to focus solely on your swimming activities without any discomfort. Their adaptable design makes them suitable for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Aesthetically Appealing Design

Add a splash of style to your swimming gear with our swim plugs that are available in an array of attractive colours. Choose from a vibrant range including solid hues, mesmerising marble effects, and eye-catching neon tones to add a fun element to your swim accessories.

Versatile and Functional Features

Experience the ease of use with our functional swim plugs that are available with or without handles, designed to cater to your preferences. The optional neck cord ensures that your plugs remain together as a pair, preventing any loss during your water adventures. Moreover, the floatable material guarantees that you won’t lose them in the water, providing a stress-free swim every time.

Waterproof Protection

Our swim plugs are your reliable guard against potential ear problems, offering waterproof protection especially while surface swimming. They act as a secure barrier, preventing water from entering your ears and avoiding any discomfort or infections.

Embark on your swimming journey with confidence, knowing that your ears are well-protected with our custom-made swim plugs. Designed with a perfect blend of safety, comfort, and style, they are the ideal choice for avid swimmers seeking to prevent ear sensitivities and continue enjoying their favourite aquatic activities without any hindrances.

Dive into a hassle-free and enjoyable swimming experience today!

Discover the Pinnacle of Audio Excellence with Tunz™ Custom-Fit Products

In the dynamic world of audio, the essence of supreme sound quality melds with personalized comfort in our exclusive range of Tunz™ custom-fit products. Tailored exclusively for your ears, Tunz™ products elevate your auditory experience across various devices, be it MP3 players, gaming setups, or computers. Delve into a realm where pristine sound quality meets bespoke comfort.

Tunz Custom Audio Monitors

An Epitome of Comfort and Clarity

  • Tailored to Perfection: Our in-ear, custom-fit audio monitors are designed meticulously to nestle within your ears with unparalleled comfort.

  • Crystal-Clear Sound: Crafted with hard acrylic, these monitors offer a clear and vibrant sound output, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in your audio experience.

  • Ambient Noise Reduction: Thanks to their precise fit, these monitors significantly diminish ambient noise, allowing you to tune into your favorite tunes without distractions.

  • Compatibility: They seamlessly integrate with your iPod and MP3 players, promising a listening experience that’s both comfortable and clear.

Tunz DUO

Your Ultimate Companion for Gaming and Music

  • Dynamic Dual Drivers: Equipped with a dual-driver system comprising a woofer and a tweeter, the Tunz DUO promises a broad frequency range from 20 Hz to 15,000 Hz, delivering both profound bass and crisp highs.

  • Impressive Sensitivity: With a sensitivity rating of 106dB at 1mW, expect an audio output that’s both powerful and clear.

  • Optimal Impedance: Offering an impedance of 42 ohms at 1kHz, these audio monitors ensure optimal energy efficiency without compromising on sound quality.

  • Versatility: The Tunz DUO is the perfect accessory for your MP3 players and gaming devices, providing an audio experience that’s rich, immersive, and vibrant.

Tunz Custom Earmoulds for Headphones

Personalized Comfort for Your Audio Adventures

  • Customized Fit: These soft silicone earmoulds are crafted specifically for you, offering a perfect fit to enhance your audio enjoyment.

  • Universal Compatibility: Easily attachable to your existing headphones, these earmoulds bring a new level of comfort to your listening sessions.

  • Stability and Comfort: Whether you are jogging or hitting the gym, these custom earmoulds ensure your headphones remain securely and comfortably in place, enhancing your auditory experience with every use.

Take a leap into the future of audio enjoyment with Tunz™ custom-fit products, where every beat, note, and chord resonates with purity and clarity. Experience the ultimate in personalized listening enjoyment with Tunz™ – where your comfort meets superior sound quality. Visit our store to explore the full range and redefine your auditory journey today!