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Ear micro-suction appointment

Both ears - £49, no wax-no fee, free parking, weekends available

The Safest and Most effective Ear Wax Removal in dartford and Kent

Tragus- The Ear Specialists, offers convenient and effective ear wax removal for anyone with earwax blockages in London. Enjoy a lifetime of great hearing.

Are you suffering from any of the following issues: earache, infection in the ear, cough, or hearing loss? If so, ear wax buildup may be the culprit. At Tragus – The Ear Specialists, we offer ear cleaning services in London to help you get your life back on track.

We are dedicated to reinventing the wheel of private hearing care in the UK with hearing solutions to match your ear wax removal needs without spending a fortune.


Say Goodbye to Earaches for Good

If not taken care of, the accumulation of wax in the ears can lead to a variety of problems such as dizziness, earache, coughing, ringing in the ears, and even more serious issues like hearing loss. Despite the warnings on Q-tip packages not to use them to clean the ears, many people still do, resulting in scratches and irritation in the ear canal, as well as potential damage to the eardrum and ear canal.

To ensure safe and effective ear wax removal, our audiologists have the necessary expertise and skills to provide adequate treatment of the ear canal, as this area is very delicate and can easily be damaged. Our clinics in the UK are dedicated to helping you get back to your normal life as quickly as possible.


What Do We Do?

We provide a comprehensive selection of services, from earwax extraction to hearing testing. It is important to be aware of the facts regarding earwax and when it begins to have an effect on your hearing before you attempt to clean your ears with a Q-tip. Therefore, we are here to help you with all your earwax removal needs in London and Kent.

What is Ear Wax?

The ear canal contains glands that produce earwax (or cerumen). This earwax is a natural defense mechanism that helps protect your ears from damage, so there is no need to be embarrassed. Its lubricating and antibacterial properties help to prevent infection and keep your ears safe. The earwax is sticky and wet, which helps to trap dirt and foreign objects. It is only found in the outer part of the ear canal and usually works its way out gradually, taking any debris with it, like a natural cleaning system.

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Ear Wax Removal Before and After

How Does EarWax Accumulate in Ears? 

Earwax dries up and falls out of the ear as part of the wax migration process. Any disturbance to this pattern might result in an accumulation of earwax, impairing hearing.

By disturbances, it means the earwax is pushed into the ear canal by cotton buds, hairpins, paperclips, and other things that individuals put in their ears. Moreover, following a bath or shower, you might detect an ear wax obstruction. All these things are most likely to block the ear canal, and earwax can spread, fully closing the canal and reducing your hearing abilities.

When Does EarWax Start to Deteriorate Hearing?

Excessive blockage in the ear canal can result in partial hearing loss, which is the most noticeable symptom. Additional symptoms like itching, coughing, ringing in the air, fullness, and pain are also associated with ear canal blockage. This is when you know that ear wax has started deteriorating hearing. To restore full ear function, safe earwax extraction is required. Wax removal should only be done by qualified specialists and should not be attempted at home.

When Do I Need Professional Help?

Earwax buildup is a normal biological process. But does that mean everyone needs medical assistance? The simple answer is NO. 

Earwax buildup can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Partially or completely deafening hearing loss, earache, a ringing sound, and even dizziness and nausea are all possible symptoms. Small or damaged ear canals, excessive hair, regular swimming, and a buildup of dry skin are all common causes of this buildup, and the majority of them are out of your control.

When you notice your hearing is not normal and you’re experiencing any of the possible symptoms, you need to seek medical help.

How Do We Help As the Best EarWax Removal Clinic in darford and KENT ?

Our team of ear care professionals is trained to safely and effectively remove earwax using the latest technology. A microscope or otoscope will be used to inspect your ears. The procedure to remove the earwax is straightforward and painless and helps clear any blockages in the ear-canal. We offer same-da y appointments to help you get back to normal quickly.


Ear Micro-Suction in Kent

High-resolution examination microscopes help to make the procedure precise and accurate. The high-resolution microscopes provide our audiologists with a magnification of 20x, allowing us to work securely deep in the ear canal with unrivaled visibility and depth perception. 

The procedure allows us to see inside the ear before removing the wax using a little suction tube. This painless but thorough earwax extraction approach allows the ear care practitioner to examine exactly what’s going on inside the ear and perform effective ear cleansing. This approach is suitable for those who have experienced ear problems such as drum perforation and tiny or narrow canals because it requires no water and employs minimal equipment.


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Ear Micro-suction costs £49 for both ears and there is no fee if there is no earwax.


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You will be seen by one of our fully trained, RCCP and HCPC registered Specialist Audiologists with a Master’s degree in Audiology and experience in clinical ear care and microsuction.
A 30-minute wax removal treatment costs £49, regardless of whether the wax is removed from two or one ear.


Your audiologist will look into the reason for your visit, whether it’s because you think your ears are blocked or your hearing isn’t as good as it used to be. This could include more hearing tests to evaluate if you need to be sent to a doctor.


To soften the wax and make it simpler to remove, we recommend using olive oil for two days ahead to your visit. Patients will only come back for a follow-up appointment on a very rare occasion.
Because it does not require injecting liquid into your ear, microsuction is now the favoured procedure. Under a microscope, earwax is removed with a mild suction instrument. The operation is simple, painless, and rapid.
Syringing is no longer used to remove wax since it is considered dangerous. Ear irrigation, which employs a machine to gently pulse low-pressure water into your ear, has taken its place. The water is gently directed towards the upper ear canal wall, allowing the wax to flow out with it.
Whistling, ringing, and a variety of other sounds can be heard in the ears due to ear wax. Tinnitus is a condition that occurs when a barrier lowers the amount of sound that reaches your eardrum. If the wax is the source of the tinnitus, it should go away once it is removed.
To soften the wax and make it simpler to remove, we recommend applying olive oil drops or Earol two days prior to your visit.
Even when conducted with extreme caution, any wax removal method carries a slight risk of causing injury to or infection of the skin of the ear canal or eardrum. Tinnitus is also a possibility during or after the surgery. We will always determine which method of wax removal is best for each patient.
Other than a few drops of olive oil to remove the wax and promote self-cleaning, we don’t recommend putting anything in your ears. Ears clean themselves on their own.
Please phone: 07939970097 to make an appointment click contact us link. For wax removal emergency, we usually leave a few appointments open each day.
Yes, however we urge that you consult your doctor first. There’s a danger that removing the wax will cause the ear to fill up with infection-related discharge again.
The Earwax removal procedure should not be uncomfortable.
This is highly dependent on the person. Some patients have it removed every several years, while others just have it removed every 12 months. There are certain folks that we only see once and then don’t need to return.
No, we can see you for one session in 30 minutes to check the condition of your ear and conduct the most appropriate wax removal method.